Infection Prevention

Infection Prevention

Infection Prevention

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Antibiotic Resistance – The return of the Four Horsemen

Abstract: Antibiotics are almost singlehandedly responsible for eliminating deaths and mortality caused by infectious disease. However, antibiotic resistance is disseminating among deadly pathogens, returning us...
Food Recalls

Food Recalls: European Union – Week 24

Abstract: This article provides a summary of the food recalls in the European Union for Week 24, 2015 Main Article: This week on the EU RASFF (Rapid...
Antibiotic Resistance

Canada Putting Up No Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance

Abstract: A number of recent developments in the last three months have catapulted antimicrobial resistance onto the world stage. Many other countries, such as the...
The case for antimicrobial stewardship

The case for Antimicrobial Stewardship: A Student Call to Action.

Abstract: Antibiotic resistance is a modern-day crisis. Medical professionals are quickly running out of antibiotics that we can use to treat deadly bacterial infections and...