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I have a B.Sc. in Biology from U. of T. and a Certified Technologist in Microbiology. I started my career at SGS and became the Microbiology Manager there. The division I ran did all the testing for the major Supermarkets. I moved onto technical sales for many types of Scientific Instruments getting a well-rounded knowledge of every Q.C. process known. I finally started Scigiene which as the name implies is the SCIence of hyGIENE monitoring after seeing the opportunity to offer clients REAL solutions. Scigiene is now the leading supplier of Hygiene monitoring systems in Canada and the distributor for the Hygiena ATP and Microbiology systems. Most of my time is spent educating customers about how to use instruments and interpret the data correctly. When used correctly the benefits and savings can be immense. With the advent of new monitoring technologies we can finally reduce Hospital Acquired Infections to close to ZERO by actually analyzing which cleaning and disinfection technologies work and when, where and how they work.

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