The Infection Prevention and Control Conference 2016

Infection Prevention and Control 2016
Infection Prevention and Control 2016

With the current threat of infectious diseases, our greatest weapon is knowledge. However, knowledge gained through research and the information that is ultimately published has little purpose without an avenue to inspire learning and discussion of such topics.  Although traditional publication avenues makes the information available to a large audience, its ability to incite change is limited.

Conferences, such as Infection Prevention and Control 2016, aim to address this by creating an immersive experience where researchers, clinicians, policy leaders, and stakeholders in the infection control community can come together to not only learn about the latest findings, but to foster relationships and discuss future collaborations.  Presented by Knowlex, the conference will welcome 300 infection experts from across the United Kingdom for a day of industry best practice workshops, poster viewings and an exhibition showcasing the latest innovations within the industry. Topics will include:

  • The Economics of Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Antibiotic resistance and the work of the AMR Review Team
  • NICE Quality standards
  • MRSA
  • difficile
  • Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteraceae
  • Sepsis
  • Legionella
  • Hand Hygiene is proud to be a sponsor of the Infection Prevention and Control 2016 Conference and will provide coverage of the event. One of our lead authors, Niall Wallace of Infonaut Inc. will be attending the conference as a delegate and will be ready to talk about the great work that Infonaut is conducting within hospitals in the United States and Canada.

Niall will also provide information on including who we are, what we are doing and how you can join! is an inclusive Pan-Access publication that publishes information in connection with infectious disease prevention and control.  We are represented around the world by notable authors and contributors. Join. Contribute. Make A Difference.

Conference Information:

Infection Prevention and Control 2016 Conference
February 23, 2016
Brewery Conference Centre, London, UK

Limited passes still available:

Phone: 0161 641 6766
Email: [email protected]

Last Updated: February 5, 2016

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Michael Diamond
Co-founder of The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS) Michael Diamond is the co-founder of The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS), a non-profit organization that recently announced $1,000,000 in Scientific Impact in its first 24 months of operation. Michael is devoted to advancing information and science to address the myriad issues relating to infection prevention and global health. Mr. Diamond is driven by the firm belief that we should not have to wait years for promising technology, ideas and processes to be implemented and accepted. Michael has created a model of information sharing that makes the process of vetting new technologies, implementing successful programs and inspiring innovation, more efficient, more accessible, more global and more collaborative. Michael’s most notable achievement to date is the TIPS online journal,, a Pan-Access, worldwide collective that extends globally and touches locally. Michael leads teams around the world to develop trials and pilot studies to aid in the discovery of successful research-to-market technological advancements. His global team includes engagers and implementers. Currently represented in 38 countries, and well-established as the world’s largest engagement network, the TIPS motto is: Join. Contribute. Make A Difference.
Andrew Duong
With over 7 years of research experience, Andrew joins as a co-editor and contributing author. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Genetics, he earned a Master of Science in Microbiology from the Michael DeGroote Institute of Infectious Disease Research at McMaster University. As a previous Ontario Graduate Scholar, he has applied his accolades as a teaching assistant and has become a research associate in the department of surgery at Hamilton Health Sciences. Andrew has received numerous awards and scholarships including: the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, the William Henry Yates Travel Scholarship and the Institute of Infectious Disease Research Undergraduate Research Award. Andrew is an avid runner, and is said to dabble in the culinary arts, when he’s not spoiling his dog.