Center of Excellence for Infection Prevention and Control

Center of Excellence for Infection Prevention and Control

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Opening of the international

‘Center of Excellence for Infection Prevention and Control’

January 2017: 3 international innovation companies participating. 

Center of Excellence for Infection Prevention and Control

Hamilton – December 8, 2016: ( and our international partners, Infonaut have partnered to launch the Center of Excellence for Infection Prevention & Control (COEIPAC) in Buffalo (

COEIPAC is a collaborative effort to accelerate and support new solutions that hold the promise of significantly advancing infection prevention and control. Beginning in January 2017, we are launching a series of 3-month programs. New and exciting innovations from across the globe will be participating every quarter.

The problem of hospital acquired infections is a global challenge and is getting worse – deaths due to antibiotic resistance are expected to exceed cancer by 2050 – one death every 3 seconds. Yet there are many barriers to adoption of new technologies, devices and solutions that hold the promise of solving this global challenge. We aim to help solve the problem of rapid validation and market entry for promising new companies and solutions.

The Center of Excellence for Infection Prevention and Control goals are:

  1. Accelerate validation & adoption of global health innovation
  2. Save lives
  3. Export excellence

“The globalization of infectious diseases continues to dominate the headlines on an almost daily basis,” says Advisory Board member Dr. Rodney E. Rohde. “An airplane crash per day without action is unthinkable, and yet, that is exactly what is happening with healthcare associated infections – approximately 200 deaths per day, EVERY DAY, and it’s like no one notices.  If action is not taken to curb the spread of antibiotic resistance, the current situation will spiral out of control, rendering current drugs completely ineffective.”

The Center of Excellence for Infection Prevention and Control is the perfect venue for the Sudden Science program recently launched in September.  The Sudden Science program is geared to start-ups, individuals, companies, researchers and everyone everywhere to help move science forward faster and to make a difference in global health sooner rather than later.

The first companies participating include outstanding innovations in the field of personal temperature monitoring, hand sanitation training and compliance as well as better chemical cleaning solutions.

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About Infonaut

Infonaut is a Buffalo and Toronto based company that solves the global challenge of deadly hospital infections. We make this possible via our proprietary IBM Watson-enabled surveillance, risk analytics and behavior improvement platform. We are recognized thought-leaders in Infection Prevention and Control and international award winners with users in over 24 countries and sales across 3 continents. Media Contact: Niall Wallace (716) 881-7578