Dr. Syed Sattar Joins InfectionControl.tips

Dr. Syed Sattar

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Dr. Syed Sattar Joins InfectionControl.tips

‘Our Passion is Contagious!’

Hamilton – May 24, 2017: The Infection Prevention Strategy is pleased to announce that Dr. Syed Sattar has joined the Advisory Board of the Pan-Access Journal InfectionControl.tips (www.IC.tips).

Dr. Sattar (Professor Emeritus, University of Ottawa) is internationally recognized as one of the leading subject matter experts in infection prevention & control and an advisor to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the World Health Organization (WHO).

Over the past 50 years of research, he has expanded our understanding of infection control in terms of both practical cleaning practices, as well as innovations towards the prevention of infections in hospitals and other public spaces.

Currently Dr. Sattar is the Chief Scientific Officer for CREM Co, Inc.

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The Infection Prevention Strategy is a Not-For-Profit organization that operates both globally and locally. We perform scientific studies and evaluations. We promote and communicate results and experiences through our Pan-Access publication, InfectionControl.tips – www.IC.tips.

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