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Patrick Boshell is the Canadian director of marketing at Deb Group, the world’s leading skin care company for the workplace. Deb provides dedicated skin care programs for a wide range of industries and organizations that value their employee health and customer well being. As the managing editor of Deb Group’s hand hygiene, infection prevention, and food safety blog (, Boshell helps raise awareness about the importance of hand hygiene best practice and skin health. He is also a social media advocate, using tools such as LinkedIn and Twitter to help promote the importance of making hands matter in the workplace. To connect with Patrick, please contact him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.

Hand Hygiene at Home and School

Abstract Infectious diseases continue to be a health challenge and economic burden within our communities.  Though effective hand hygiene education is critical, there has been...

Is the Flu (or another bug) on Your Menu Today?

Everyone loves a great meal–especially when someone else is cooking, serving and doing all your dishes!  We love to dine out and do it...