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Dr. Curtis White
Dr. White serves as Chief Technology Consultant and President for White IEQ Consulting, LLC (Midland, MI). He is the Chairperson of the Independent Commission for Improvement of Healthcare Outcomes and Cost-Containment in the Veteran’s Administration and Department of Defense Healthcare Systems. He is also the CEO and CTO of Nano Safe Coatings, consults on microbiological problem identification and remediation/containment of buildings and products, and to commercial and consumer products companies. Dr. White is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences in textile preservation and infection control, as well as surrounding problems causing microbes in indoor environments. He is a recognized leader in the management of microbial problems on substrates within products, and in the indoor environment. His involvement in professional, trade, and with setting organizational standards has kept him on the leading edge of technical, testing, and commercial developments in the fields of disinfection, preservation, and the protection of indoor environments from microbes. He has over 50 patents and 200 plus papers and presentations. Dr. White has spoken to medical forums in Europe, the USA, Singapore, and India on infection control principles and successful practices. Nano Safe Coatings has developed new non-leaching antimicrobials focused on the medical device industry.

Clean Water, Air, Hands and Surface Lower HAIs

Abstract: Effective infection control programs must deal with all environmental sources and modes of transmission that lead to the negative effects of microbes on materials....