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Dr Bain is a biomedical engineer who develops interventions for patient problems as diverse as pressure ulcers, incontinence, hospital-acquired infections, and deep vein thrombosis. He has led a research unit within the Institute of Orthopedics at University College London, managed an expert Medical Device Evaluation Center on behalf of a UK Government agency (MHRA), and was Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology at Queen Mary College, University of London. His inventions include the Geko device for circulation support and iScan anthropometric analysis system Awards include the International Cardiac Innovation Award, BioNow Product of the Year, Medilink Healthcare Business Award, the Good Design Award, the Irish Innovation Award; and the Daily Telegraph Science Writer of the Year.

Pillows: The Forgotten Fomite

Abstract The pillow is an oft-overlooked link in a chain of cross-infection between patients. In this review, various links of that chain are examined. Evidence...