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Harry Jarbath is the founder of Sanitis, a sales and marketing firm specializing in the distribution of new and innovative infection control and food safety products and solutions for the healthcare and food industries. As the founder of Sanitis, Harry Jarbath is responsible for running all facets of the business. Harry Jarbath has a proven executive management track record and over 27 years of experience driving sales growth in the technology industry. Prior to launching Sanitis, Harry was founder and CEO at Birddog Solutions LLC, a Sales and Marketing firm and exclusive partner for Google Hotel Partner, responsible for all Google Hotel Finder global sales and marketing activities. At Birddog Solutions he led the transformation into an enterprise-focused company while growing sales 100% over one year. Previously, he served as Vice President Sales and Marketing at Digital Touch Systems Inc. He spent the prior 26 years in England serving as director of Business Development for Xerox and Mass International, where he directed major sales, marketing and other partnering initiatives. Harry’s greatest strengths are his creativity, drive and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. His most recent project involved a strategic partnership with HealthNet, IU Health, USDA, San Antonio division, D.Mooney Enterprises, Asia Med Partners and several Medical and Food GPO’s to bring Sanitis’s core product to the fast-growing Asia-Pacific and national market. Harry holds a bachelors degree from Merton Colleges England. He lives in Austin with his wife, their two children and one cranky loving dog.

Alternative Technologies in Infection Control: Safe, Effective, & Affordable

Disclosures: Allen Beuershausen is the Co-founder of Sanitis and Harry Jarbath is the Founder of Sanitis. Sanitis is a global sales and marketing company distributing...