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Dr. John Coles is a Senior Research Scientist and Project Manager at CUBRC Inc. in Buffalo, New York where he works in the Data Science and Information Fusion Group within the Information Exploitation Sector. Dr. Coles was an NSF Graduate Research Fellow and SUNY Chancellor’s award winner, and has multiple awards and publications relating to his work in disaster relief, emergency management, and counter-terrorism. His work has been supported by several agencies including the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Dr. Coles’ current interests are in healthcare and defense, with a focus on system integration to perform large-scale data ingestion, analysis, modeling, and simulation. Dr. Coles leads the multi-disciplinary Healthcare Informatics initiative at CUBRC, which is focused on transitioning data storage and analytics technologies, originally developed for the U.S. Government, into the healthcare space.

Insurance Companies Pay the Price for HAIs

Abstract: Hospitals continually publicize their levels of quality and safety, but there is still a steady increase in occurrences and fatalities due to infections transmitted...