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Dr. Cohen is an internationally recognized expert in Biosecurity and Laboratory/Hospital Biosafety. He has his MPH from UT School of Public Health and his PhD from the University of Illinois Medical Center. He specializes in emerging infections, bioterrorism, risk assessment, and biocontainment. He is an expert in infectious disease control, biosecurity and biosafety, epidemiology, industrial hygiene, occupationally transmitted diseases, and hospital safety. He is currently the Owner of Consultants in Disease and Injury Control, a veteran-owned small business. He has worked numerous years for the NIH, CDC, and WHO. Dr. Cohen is a Certified Industrial Hygienist and a Diplomate of the American Academy of Industrial Hygiene. He has received numerous honors and awards, such as the USPHS Meritorious Service Medal, and was awarded U.S. Patent #7,776,292 for Method and Apparatus for Bioweapon Decontamination (Anthrax) in 2010.

Rapid Temperature Screening for Workplace Health

Disclaimer: The authors of this report and declare no conflict of interest with the following critical evaluation and research. Editors Note: Correct Order of Authors is as follows: Andrew...