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Alan C. “Rik” Heller is the Chairman and CEO of Wello Inc. Mr. Heller has brought two companies public and built several private IP based technology companies. Rik is the founder of FreshLoc Technologies’ and its predecessors Precision Tracking. Mr. Heller began his technology career with Datapoint, Inc. Mr. Heller is a BSEE graduate of the University of Texas with his graduate studies at UTSA’s School of Business.

PART 2: Critical Appraisal: Humidity and Influenza

Editor Note: This article is a Critical Review to our Call for Critical Appraisals: Humidity and Influenza Please send your commentaries to [email protected] Commentaries should cite...

The Need for Rapid Contagion Screening

Abstract Some of the most communicable infectious diseases present with fever when they are most contagious. Diseases like flu, norovirus, Ebola, measles and tuberculosis all pose...