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Dr Tolu Arowolo is a public health Physician and Epidemiologist. She has immense experience in planning, implementing and evaluating health programmes in the field of communicable and non-communicable diseases especially HIV, Malaria and epidemic prone diseases. She has special interest in monitoring and evaluation of health programmes and infectious disease surveillance and has coordinated various field research and surveys in HIV and Malaria control programmes in Nigeria. She is currently working with the World Health Organization in Nigeria to support the National Malaria Elimination Programmes thematic areas; Malaria case management, vector control, surveillance and Insecticide resistance monitoring. Tolu had her medical degree from the University of Ibadan in 2001 and Masters in Public Health and Epidemiology from Lagos State University and University of London respectively. As a typical Lagosian, she loves to party and celebrate with family and friends when not very busy.

Malaria, Mosquitoes and Man: Prevention & Control

Abstract: Malaria is not considered as a serious and life threatening illness among many Nigerians. The disease can be very serious in children, pregnant women...