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Mr. Rolfe has worked for over 35 years in 48 countries helping companies large and small to improve their products and businesses. Prior to 1997, Mr. Rolfe’s focus was on large, complex multi-national corporations such as Boeing, United Technologies, Daimler Benz, Rolls Royce, BT, Philips and others. In 1997 he joined the famous McKenna Group as a partner and switched his focus to helping early stage companies stabilize and grow their businesses. Two recent examples are; Synfuels International Inc. which, in partnership with Texas A&M University, developed and commercialized a method to efficiently produce gasoline and jet fuel from natural gas and SKYCIG which became the leading manufacturer and provider of electronic cigarettes into the UK market and which was sold to a large US public corporation. Mr. Rolfe is named on two patents and has guest lectured at UC Berkeley Haas Business School and Oxford University’s Templeton College. Currently Mr. Rolfe is a partner at Spyder Digital Research Inc.

Touchscreens: The Mosquito of the Digital Age

Abstract The widespread and rapidly growing automation and digitization of our world has led to the installation of billions of touchscreens, both in our personal...