The Discovery Awards: New Seed Funding Available

Discovery Awards

A new round of seed funding has been made available for teams working on diagnostic tests to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use. The Discovery Awards 2017 will provide small seed grants of between £10,000 and £25,000 to teams or individuals anywhere in the world. These awards, funded by funded by Merck & Co. (USA), provide capital to help teams already working on their project to further develop their diagnostic tests, as well as encouraging new teams to participate in the Longitude prize.

The winning team will receive £8 million

In 2014, the Longitude Prize was established to provide an incentive for companies and teams to develop a transformative, accurate, affordable, rapid point-of-care diagnostic test that is easy-to-use, anywhere in the world. The winning team will receive £8 million for their efforts.  In particular, cross-disciplinary work with collaboration between different sectors and countries are being encouraged.

Discovery award applications are due April 21, 2017

The Discovery award applications are due April 21, 2017 at midnight, BST. Winners will be announced in July. More information about the Discovery award can be found at:

For more information on the Longitude prize, please go to: