Health Horizons 2017: Profiling Emerging Advancements


This opportunity closes JULY 31, 2017 at midnight EST time

Be a part of our next big thing!

As part of our SUDDEN SCIENCE PROGRAM and our new section entitled: Health Horizons

An amazing opportunity is ONCE AGAIN being offered!

We are looking for startup companies and organizations who have a new product, service or idea that is in development, new to market and/or coming to market.

Must be a startup organization working within technologies directly related to healthcare, infectious disease, food safety, antibiotic resistance, environmental cleaning and/or related biologics, novel medical devices and technologies.  Participation is limited.

This is a big deal. Take a look…

The FREE services that we plan to provide to you include:

  • Peer Review
  • Data Analysis
  • Editing Services
  • Evaluations (Similar to our Evaluation of a Novel Non-Sterile Glove Dispensing System:
  • Chart your events on a calendar and engage our global audience
  • Write a Perspective article on how you are “Making A Difference”
  • Write a Perspective article on upcoming major events and trials
  • Promote your efforts within social media
  • Develop engagement plans with our Country Engagement Coordinators (30+ countries)
  • Develop networking opportunities

Apply Now. Join. Contribute. Make A Difference.

Please email your request to participate to:

Spaces are limited.  We reserve the right to modify, add, delete, change and cancel our offering at any time.  There are no fees for this service.


Evaluation of Bioburden Reduction with the Use of Stethoscope Covers

Antimicrobial Evaluation of a Surface Protector System

Check out the full Health Horizon Section

About our Sudden Science Program

We believe that technology and ideas must be vetted and introduced faster.  Too many great ideas run out of money before they are “proven” and “accepted.”  We can’t afford to wait years for scientific publications before we adopt promising methods and technologies that show improvement.

The Sudden Science program is geared to start-ups, individuals, companies, researchers and everyone everywhere to help move science forward faster and to make a difference in global health sooner rather than later.

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About  –

We are a Pan-Access worldwide collective that extends globally and touches locally.

We are: Free to Publish. Free to Access. Accessible Scientific Services

We are a global collective of experts and non-experts creating a discussion about infection control and prevention using our Pan-Access online publication,

With input from around the world, we will aid in the advancement of new policies, technologies, trends, and discoveries. We need you to join us and contribute in building this resource to make a difference within your community and worldwide.

Our global teams will also develop trials and pilots to aid in the discovery of successful research to market technological advancements.


Spaces are limited.  We reserve the right to modify, add, delete, change and cancel our offering at any time.  There are no fees for this service.

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Michael Diamond
I am currently leading a global collective on Infection Control and Prevention. From food safety to hospital acquired infections, is the platform for global discussion. It is our (your) objective to connect the world at multiple levels with what's happening, planned and imagined. There exists today a significant conversation that needs a platform to portray the multiple perspectives. We are that platform. Join. Contribute. Make a Difference.