Introducing Sudden Science

Sudden Science

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Introducing: Sudden Science

‘Validate your product, service, invention or idea faster’

Hamilton – September 17, 2016: The Infection Prevention Strategy is pleased to announce our Sudden Science program for the Pan-Access Journal

We believe that technology and ideas must be vetted and introduced faster.  Too many great ideas run out of money before they are “proven” and “accepted.”  We can’t afford to wait years for scientific publications before we adopt promising methods and technologies that show improvement.

The Sudden Science program is geared to start-ups, individuals, companies, researchers and everyone everywhere to help move science forward faster and to make a difference in global health sooner rather than later.

The most remarkable part of what we do is that we publish and operate for FREE.  There are no fees for publishing with us and no fees to access our resources or journal.  We provide accessible scientific services that are affordable and unmatched anywhere in the world, by connecting unrelated sponsors to studies ensuring no conflict of interest.

Why wait years for your paper to be peer reviewed and published? We produce top-tier results utilizing the SAME protocols as the other journals, but do so within weeks or months, not years.

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We have redefined Open Access as Pan-Access:
Free to Publish. Free to Access. Accessible Scientific Services.

Our offering includes:

Publish on
1-2 weeks
Peer Review
4-6 weeks
Product Review
2-3 weeks
Study (Efficacy, Evaluation, Sterility)
7 wks – 1yr+
Pilot Implementation
1-2 months
Protocol/Methodology Development
2-3 weeks
1-2 weeks
1-2 weeks


APPLY NOW: Sudden Science Application

Join. Contribute. Make A Difference. 

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The Infection Prevention Strategy is a Not-For-Profit organization that operates both globally and locally. We perform scientific studies and evaluations. We promote and communicate results and experiences through our Pan-Access publication,  –

We are Pan-Access: Free to Publish. Free to Access. Accessible Scientific Services.

Join. Contribute. Make A Difference.

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