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I have a B.Sc. in Biochemistry (Co-op) from the University of Guelph, and I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. inBiochemistry at McMaster University where I am studying under Dr. Gerry Wright. The fact is, antibiotic resistance is a major problem – common infections will soon become life threatening if we cannot find new therapies. My research focuses on overcoming antibiotic resistance by studying its origins in the environment. I hope to then take those results to combat resistance in the clinic. Furthermore, I believe that science should not be limited to the few people that dedicate their lives to studying it; it should be digested and presented to the general public (you!) in a language that is inclusive, not exclusive. As an editor at and as a member on the Board of Directors, I hope to unravel the mysteries of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance for you without the complex mumbo-jumbo – at least, I will try. I take the foundation of my research for granted, but the general public needs to know this important information so that they can better understand why we haven't won the war on infectious disease (e.g. antibiotic resistance is millions of years old!). Outside of the lab, I am a foodie, love a glass of good beer or wine and have a habit of getting lost in absurdly weird postmodern fiction.

Antibiotic Resistance – The return of the Four Horsemen

Abstract: Antibiotics are almost single-handedly responsible for eliminating deaths and mortality caused by infectious disease. However, antibiotic resistance is disseminating among deadly pathogens, returning us...