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David Woolfson is an innovator and a leading figure in the technical textile based medical device industry. He is co-founder and CEO of Gabriel Scientific, the company behind PneumaPure filter technology. In 2012 David and his team received the prestigious Irish Times Innovation Award from the President of Ireland for PneumaPure filter technology. Previously, David was Product Director and ultimately CEO of Kayfoam Woolfson (KW). KW’s Kaymed Division which David founded in 1999 focussed on proprietary patented technologies integrating innovative polyurethanes into medical devices. David and his Kaymed R&D team received the International Furniture Industry Innovation Award in The House of Lords, London 2005. David is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and has been President of the Technical Committee of the European Bedding Industry Association (“EBIA”) 2005-2007.

Pillows: The Forgotten Fomite

Abstract The pillow is an oft-overlooked link in a chain of cross-infection between patients. In this review, various links of that chain are examined. Evidence...