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John C. Howard, CEO of Liferose Products, Inc., achieved a successful career in sales, service and engineering with Detroit Diesel Corporation. Among all of the challenges that he has met and resolved, however, there is none greater than the creation of RELIAsafe, the truly unique invention that came about when John witnessed the great need for clean, uncontaminated Healthcare Workers hands, 100% of the time, in performing daily medical procedures on healthcare patients in hospitals. The experiences of his wife with Hospital Acquired Infections, (HAI) the death of his only son from MRSA, and his own experiences with a serious Surgical Site Infection led to the creation of Liferose RELIAsafe. This innovative barrier makes it possible to properly don clean (or sterile) medical examination gloves, at the patient’s bedside, just before starting any medical procedure that involves personal contact with the patient, thus breaking the chain of infection that too often emanates from healthcare worker’s hands to healthcare patients.

Increasing Importance of Barriers for Protection from Infectious Disease

Abstract Reduction of hospital-acquired infections is a major priority for hospital systems around the world. However, adoption of new technologies is often stunted due to...