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Jason Tetro is a human health-related researcher with over 25 years’ experience in bloodborne and food safety as well as infection prevention and control.  In the public, he is better known as The Germ Guy.  He continues to work as a collaborator with the University of Guelph on issues of food safety.  He writes for The Huffington Post Canada, Popular Science and is a contributor to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  His 2013 science bestseller, The Germ Code was shortlisted as Book of the Year by the Canadian Science Writers Association. His second book, The Germ Files, will be released in early 2016. (Photo credit: Lucia Graca)

Infection Prevention & Control: The Art and Pitfalls of Practicing Tough...

Abstract In any human relationship, tough love helps to prevent and control dysfunction. In our co-existence with microbes, we need to use a similar strategy...