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I am an Epidemiologist and Communicable Disease Investigator for Camden County Department of Health and Human Services. I investigate cases of reportable communicable diseases and outbreaks that occur within my county. I make recommendations on breaking the chains of infection, proper infection control, and environmental measures in order to halt outbreaks. I am a member of the Emergency Preparedness Team within the health department which consistently plans and exercises in case of a public health emergency within our county and region. I am a certified HIV counselor and tester in the county’s STD clinics as well. I received my Master of Science (Epidemiology) from the University of Massachusetts- Amherst, School of Public Health. I received my Master of Public Health (Epidemiology) from Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health. While at Columbia University, I worked at the Center for Disaster Preparedness and New York Presbyterian Hospital Specialty Laboratory.

Show Me Your Hands: Hand Hygiene Myths and Facts

Abstract: The use of hand sanitizers is ubiquitous in public places all over the United States.  Although this promotes better hand hygiene, improper use renders many...