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Mike Emmerich has been involved in Emergency Medicine, Fire and Rescue and its associated fields for almost 30 years, having worked as a remote site medic, project manager, consulting principal, general manager and clinical governance director over the years for various medical and health related industries/companies. Mr. Emmerich has spent many years involved in training and mentoring medical teams including underground Mines Rescue Teams (Proto) in South Africa, The DRC, Zambia, Tanzania and Gabon, and is internationally qualified as an ACLS, ESCI and ITLS instructor. Mike is well versed in drafting procedures, standards, protocols and operating guidelines on a wide variety of subjects: occupational health and safety, health and hygiene, emergency response, patient care, disaster medicine, aero-medical evacuation and infection control, to name but a few of the areas in which he has had to develop guidelines/standards/protocols, and management standards. Mr. Emmerich's last big project was as the HOD Medical and Emergency Services for a large Mineral Sands Operation, in Senegal, West Africa, during construction and leading into the operational phase. During this time Mike was responsible for leading the Ebola response and malaria prevention programs, plus being prepared to manage any of our Bio-Hazard events. One of Mike's current areas of locum work is as a trainer, mentor and course developer (adult CME programmes), as well as mentoring new medics in a controlled clinical setting. Mike consults for 2 African based companies on new market areas and explores new ways of entering the market. Currently he writes professionally for a Global Health Blog, on African Health Issues which are bi-monthly op-ed pieces.

Managing Infection Control in a Disaster

Abstract: In this article, an introductory overview of managing the Infection risks during a disaster or mass casualty event is presented. Reaching an understanding of...