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The history and birth of Spyder Digital Research Inc. is closely related to Mr. Michael Nitti, MBA. Michael broke into technology innovation over 30 years ago by pioneering sampling technologies for major music acts such as The Rolling Stones, RUSH, Janet Jackson, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Madonna, Supertramp, Yes and others. The innovation Michael co-developed and brought to the ‘stage’ allowed music acts to bring the full rich sounds of the music studio to live touring. Successive generations of this technology known as MIDI triggers were co-developed and delivered to the stage by Michael. MIDI triggers became the industry standard. A developmental component of this innovative technology was ganging and ruggedizing of hard drives into never before known giga-drives. Michael was also a pioneer in rack mounted data storage and co-designed some of the earliest RAID storage systems in the world. Michael’s success in the consumer segment has been as impressive as his technology innovations. His consumer level external data storage units were the first offered in the market and were broadly successful in the US and EU retail markets. In 1999 Michael launched Acomdata which competed with Maxtor as the #1 supplier of consumer EHDs in North America selling into mass retailers such as; Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, Radio Shack, Fry’s Electronics, Staples and Office Depot. Acomdata led innovation in a number of categories by introducing the world’s first multi-interface consumer hard drives, multi-format card readers and much more while bringing cutting-edge industrial design to a previously uninspired product category. Michael broke out on his own and formed Spyder Digital Research Inc. in 2011. At that time, Michael saw an emerging opportunity in the marketplace for protective, elegant and germ-resistant battery case. He observed that this demand was driven by power hungry apps used by busy professional. Perhaps due to his wife being an Infectious disease specialist medical doctor, Michael also predicted that hospitals, schools and food services would require the anti-microbial feature for moral as well as legal reasons.

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