Call for Applicants: Top Innovations of the Year 2017

Top Innovations of the Year: 2017

For Immediate Release:

For more information, please contact
Michael Diamond, Co-founder of The Infection Prevention Strategy at  or visit us at and Top Innovations of the Year 2017

‘Join. Contribute. Make A Difference.’

Hamilton – March 7, 2017: The Infection Prevention Strategy is pleased to announce the 2017 call for applications for our:

Top Innovations of the Year

Our focus this year is on novel innovations that make a difference within global health.  If you have an innovation that our team should review, please submit your application today!

Simply email us at:

With the following information:

1. Name

2. Address

3. Phone Number

4. Email

5. Website

and answer these specific questions:

6. Who are the inventors?

7. Why was this innovation invented/created/introduced?

8. What does your innovation accomplish that does not exist today?

9. What benefits has your innovation resulted in?

10. Why should our team consider your innovation?

Deadline for submitting is July 31, 2017

Spaces are limited.  There is no financial value for award. We reserve the right to modify, add, delete, change and cancel our offering at any time.  There are no fees for this offering.  All innovations will be reviewed by the board of and winners will be announced September, 2017 at the CAEM Conference.

Last Updated: Monday April 17, 2017