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2018 Healthcare Symposium

The 2018 Healthcare Symposium will take place in Boston on May 9 and 10, 2018.  The event will feature interactive panel discussions with clinicians, engineers and architects, with a focus on improving patient outcomes through optimal design and management of the hospital environment.

Humidity Control

One topic of discussion will be the use of humidity control to ensure optimum patient health.

Indoor air quality in hospitals is a key factor in the health and comfort of both patients and staff. Hospital rooms have a variety of purposes, ranging from spaces for family members to wait, intensive care units for the most vulnerable patients, enclosed areas for X-ray and other imaging machines and operating suites where unconscious patients and intensely focused clinicians might spend hours. Each of these types of rooms has specific requirements for humidity and other indoor air parameters.

A comfortable, healthy atmosphere is necessary for patient rest and recovery. If indoor air is too dry,  patient recovery may be hindered by new infections and further illness. Deviations from the optimal mid-range relative humidity (RH) of 40-60% can reduce air quality. Indoor RH less than 40%, is associated with increased transmission of airborne pathogens, dry eyes, sore throats and increased respiratory infections, increased static electricity and dust resuspension, and other side effects of even mild dehydration.

According to recent studies, the benefits of 40-60% humidity in hospitals include:

  • Decreased infections from airborne pathogens
  • Reduced healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)
  • Decreased respiratory compromise in newborns
  • Improved patient and staff comfort
  • Lowered employee absenteeism
  • Prevention of electrostatic damage to medical equipment

The 2018 Healthcare Symposium will also address:

  • Surface disinfection strategies
  • Airborne infectious disease management
  • Energy savings and reducing operational costs
  • The role of indoor air hydration in infectious disease transmission
  • Improved staff health, reduced absenteeism and increased  work productivity

New Innovation Adoption into Healthcare and The Infection Prevention Strategy

In addition, I will be speaking about new Innovation Adoption in healthcare at the 2018 Healthcare Symposium.  During my talk I will discuss the progress of the HITS Working Group on New Innovation Adoption, The TIPS Sudden Science program and current opportunities globally at The Infection Prevention Strategy.

Attend for FREE and meet me at Harvard!

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Michael Diamond
Co-founder of The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS) Michael Diamond is the co-founder of The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS), a non-profit organization that recently announced $1,000,000 in Scientific Impact in its first 24 months of operation. Michael is devoted to advancing information and science to address the myriad issues relating to infection prevention and global health. Mr. Diamond is driven by the firm belief that we should not have to wait years for promising technology, ideas and processes to be implemented and accepted. Michael has created a model of information sharing that makes the process of vetting new technologies, implementing successful programs and inspiring innovation, more efficient, more accessible, more global and more collaborative. Michael’s most notable achievement to date is the TIPS online journal,, a Pan-Access, worldwide collective that extends globally and touches locally. Michael leads teams around the world to develop trials and pilot studies to aid in the discovery of successful research-to-market technological advancements. His global team includes engagers and implementers. Currently represented in 38 countries, and well-established as the world’s largest engagement network, the TIPS motto is: Join. Contribute. Make A Difference.