Food Recalls: North America Jan. 3-9

Food Recalls

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January 3-9, 2016 – The following items were (voluntarily) recalled in Canada and the United States:


  1. Allergen: undeclared egg in ChoripDong brand Frozen Pre-Fried Fish Cake. Distributed in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.
  1. Allergen: undeclared egg in Tasty brand Shrimp Flavoured Ball. Distributed Nationwide.
  1. Allergen: undeclared egg in Ying Xiang (Chinese characters only) brand frozen seafood products: Boiled Fish Ball, Boiled Squid Ball, Crab Flavoured Fish Ball, Shrimp Ball, Spice Fish Cake, and Vegetable Fish Cake. Distributed in Ontario.
  1. Allergen: undeclared wheat in Losos brand Fish Salad Neptun. Distributed in Alberta and Ontario.

United States of America

  1. Microbiological: Salmonella in Big Dog Natural raw dehydrated dog food Chicken Supreme and Listeria monocytogenes in Big Dog Natural Fish Supreme. Distributed Nationwide.
  1. Allergen: undeclared walnut in Giant Eagle brand New Year’s Pretzel. Distributed to Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
  1. Allergen: undeclared almonds in Cape Cod Cranberry Candy™ and Harvest Sweets™Milk Chocolate/Dark Chocolate/Yogurt Covered Cranberry Blend. Distributed Nationwide.
  1. Microbiological: Salmonella in Shakti Group G Compounded Asafoetida Powder. Distributed to New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
  1. Possible glass in Milky Way Nice! Mandarin Oranges 8-oz bottle. Distributed Nationwide.
  1. Unapproved new drug: undeclared sildenafil in R Thomas Marketing LLC Black Ant, Herb Viagra, Real Skill, Weekend Prince, African Black Ant, and Stree Overlord Along With Other Products. Distributed Nationwide.
  1. Microbiological: Salmonella in Good Earth Egg Company Shell Eggs. Distributed throughout the Midwest including Missouri and Illinois, at the retail and wholesale level, institutions, and to walk-in customers.


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Dr. Uyen Nguyen
After completing her B. Sc. in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, she stayed at McMaster University to pursue a Ph.D. where she studied the effects of small-molecules on Listeria monocytogenes biofilm development in collaboration with the CFIA. Following a brief stint as a Post-doc, she is currently a R&D Microbiologist at a pharmaceutical company and a Freelance Academic Proofreader for Crimson-Enago. She has received numerous awards and scholarships including the Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate Programs Outstanding Thesis Awards, Ontario Graduate Fellowship, Fred and Helen Knight Enrichment Award. Outside of science, she loves travelling and exploring new places as well as creating and experimenting with desserts.