Research and Advancement

Research and Advancement

Research and Advancement

Post-Antibiotic ERA

The Post-Antibiotic Era

In April 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report detailing the serious threat of antibiotic resistance. The ‘post-antibiotic’ era is fast approaching...

Fighting Infections in a Microbial World

Abstract: Bacteria can be found everywhere, including in the human body where it plays an important role in our health. Your bacterial ecosystem is referred...
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Importance of Using Antibiotics Correctly and Completing the Prescribed Dose

Abstract: The misuse of antibiotics coupled to a decrease in the number of novel drugs entering the clinic has led to the development of antibiotic...
Mosquito Sucking Blood

Four lesser known facts about Dengue

Like many tropical countries, India witnesses a cyclical spike in the number of Dengue cases every 4-5 years1. The current year has been one...
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Antibiotic Resistance – The return of the Four Horsemen

Abstract: Antibiotics are almost singlehandedly responsible for eliminating deaths and mortality caused by infectious disease. However, antibiotic resistance is disseminating among deadly pathogens, returning us...